8.x Guide OPPO Android

esenciální Nastavení

These Settings must be properly configured to keep iKeyMonitor working.

  1. Settings > Battery> Energy saver > Internet Service > Background Freeze, Abnormal apps optimization, Doze
    Nastavena na „OFF“

    battery power saving energy saver internet service power save off

  2. Nastavení> Baterie> Úsporný
    Nastavena na „OFF“

    settings battery battery power saving

  3. Settings > App Management > Internet Service > App info > Allow auto startup
    Nastavte na „ON“

    settings app management app management auto start

další nastavení

No need to change these Settings by default. But they will affect iKeyMonitor functions if changed by user.

  1. Settings > Dual SIM & Cellular > Apps using Wi-Fi and Mobile Data > Internet Service > Wi-Fi & Mobile data
    Nastavte na „ON“

    app using network apps using wifi internet service network using

  2. Settings > Dual SIM & Cellular > Data Saving
    Nastavena na „OFF“

    settings dual sim card data saving turn off data saving

  3. Settings > Security > Permissions > Advanced Permissions > Read app notifications > Internet Service > Allow
    Nastavte na „ON“

    security permission advanced permissions read app notifications

  4. Location information > Apps that use GPS in the background > Internet Service
    Nastavte na „ON“

    location information apps that use GPS

  5. Settings > Security > Permissions > App > Internet Service > All Permissions & Set individual permission > Allow
    Nastavte na „ON“

    settings security app internet service allow permission

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