Comodo Internet Security Anulación - Micro Keylogger

To avoid Micro Keylogger to be detected and reported by Comodo Internet Security, you need to add Micro Keylogger to Comodo exclusion list with following steps:

  1. Right click on the system tray icon keeping the CIS interface in Compact View. Move the mouse cursor over "Antivirus" and choose "Discapacitado" to disable the antivirus.
  2. Descargar e instalar Micro Keylogger.
  3. Double click CIS icon to open Comodo Internet Security. Click "Security Settings" > "Antivirus" > "exclusiones" tab in the "Ajustes avanzados" panel. Then click "Excluded Paths".
    Excluded Paths
  4. Click the handle from the bottom center and click on "Añadir" from the options, choose "Folders" from the "Añadir" drop-down.
    Agregar carpeta
  5. The "Browse for Folder" dialog will appear. Navigate to the folder you want to add to excluded paths (C: / Windows / Seguridad / Syslogs) and click "DE ACUERDO". Then the folder will be added to Excluded Paths.
    Examinar carpeta
  6. If you can not find "C: / Windows / Seguridad / Syslogs", please follow these steps to display hidden files and folders:

    1. Click "comienzo"-"Panel de control", open "apariencia y personalización" – "Opciones de carpeta".
    2. Click the "Ver" tab. Under "Ajustes avanzados", click "Mostrar archivos y carpetas ocultas", and then click "DE ACUERDO".
  7. Click "Escanear ahora" to scan the computer and see if Micro Keylogger is successfully bypassed.

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