Comment utiliser FTP pour recevoir et d'afficher les journaux

Set up FTP on software

To receive logs by FTP, follow steps below to set it up:

  1. Enter your FTP account details to the FTP settings of the monitoring software.
  2. For remote directory, it is recommended to use “/Private“. If you have multiple devices, separate with sub directory, eg: “/Private/device1»

  3. Send a FTP test.
  4. Login to the FTP account to make sure test data is uploaded.

Login to FTP and view logs

2 ways to access your FTP with just a web browser – Safari/IE/Firefox/Chrome etc.
After login, Click on “Private” folder to view the logs.

1. Web viewer: Login to

Text logs viewer:

Image viewer:

2. Finder or Explorer view: with web browser login to

Login with Safari

View by Finder

Screenshots can be viewed as slideshow with Mac built-in “Preview” application.

Get an account

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