How to hide SuperSU/Magisk?


これは、「マネージャの設定に行くと選択することによって行われます魔法のマネージャーを隠します”. When this is done, the Manager is repackaged with a random package name and can therefore not be detected by any apps or services looking for com.topjohnwu.magisk. Since v6.1.0 of the Manager, the app name is also changed to simply “マネージャー” to circumvent apps and services detecting “Magisk” in the app name. If you have the app hidden, but it is still called “Magisk Manager”, even though you are on app version v6.1.0+, try unhiding it and hiding it again. The name can’t be changed when updating from an earlier version of the Manager if it is already hidden.

You can see if your Manager is hidden by going to “About” in the Manager and next to the version code there’ll be a random package name rather than com.topjohnwu.magisk. The “Hide Magisk Manager” option will also be changed to “Restore Magisk Manager” in the settings on a hidden Manager.


  1. 開いた SuperSU アプリ
  2. タップする "設定」トップメニューに
  3. 「下にスクロールして、をタップしますランチャーアイコン」中「カスタム化" カテゴリー
  4. タップする "目に見えない(ランチャーから隠されて)