iKeyMonitor Android Installation Guide


1. Allow application installs from “unknown sources”

  • Go to Settings > Security > tick “Unknown sources

2. Tap on the downloaded “iKeyMonitor-Android.apk” file to install it

3. Open it after installation completes

If you choose “Done” after installation, find and tap on the iKeyMonitor icon on the device screen to launch the software.

4 ways to open iKeyMonitor:

Right after the installation, iKeyMonitor application is launched and starts working in a background mode. The icons which appear on the home screen and notification bar can be disabled from iKeyMonitor Wizard. View the guide. For better user experience, there are 2 options: either to keep them displayed on the home screen and notification bar of the monitored device or not.

  1. Visit https://ikeymonitor.com/openapp with the phone browser (Hidden Mode)
  2. Dial PIN #8888* with the call dialing pad (Hidden Mode)
  3. Tap on iKeyMonitor icon on notification bar (Visible Mode)
  4. Tap on iKeyMonitor icon on home screen (Visible Mode)

4. For rooted device, Grant iKeyMonitor root access and Convert it to System App

  • For rooted device, grant iKeyMonitor root access and change Notification to Disabled in Supersu/Superuser.
  • For rooted device, convert iKeyMonitor to system app from iKeyMonitor – Settings to make it harder to be killed or uninstalled. Reboot the device after converting.


1. Enable "Internet/Network Service" in "Accessibility Service" and "Usage Access"

  • After you logged in, follow the popup dialogues to enable iKeyMonitor in Accessibility Service, Usage Access and Battery Optimization.

2. Turn OFF Google Play Protect

  • Google Play Protect is on by default, please Turn it OFF or it may notify user to remove the spy app.
  • Skip this step If you don’t have Google Play Installed(Eg: For China phones, Google Play is not installed by default).
  1. Open your Android device’s Settings > Security > Google Play Protect
  2. Turn "Scan device for security threats" OFF.
  3. Note:
    On some phones, this setting is located at Google Play Store app > Menu > Play Protect

3. Essential Settings to Keep iKeyMonitor Running in Background

  • iKeyMonitor can be disabled/killed by Power Saver or Task Cleaner of the Android system if you don’t configure the essential settings.
  • View the Essential Settings Now!

  • Go to "Device Management", check if your device is connected to the spy panel and view logs after some minutes.
  • iKeyMonitor uploads all the logs every 5 minutes when the device screen is ON. When the screen is Off(phone standby), only gps and surrounding logs will be uploaded.
  • Check the User Guide and FAQ if you have questions.

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