Norton Firewall Bypassing – Aobo Keylogger for Mac

If the FTP and email delivery features are not enabled, Norton Firewall will not pick up Aobo Keylogger since it is not trying to send you logs via internet.

If you want to enable the FTP or email delivery feature, please follow the steps below to bypass Norton Firewall:

  1. Open Aobo Keylogger with the hot key (default Ctr+Alt+A) and send a test email/FTP after configuration.
  2. A message will pop up reminding you that "Abk/AbkPro" is attempting to use the internet. Please click "Allow" to add "Abk/AbkPro" to the allow list.

If you do not want Norton Firewall to pick up the keylogger as AbK/AbkPro, please follow the steps below instead:

  1. Download and run the Uninstaller to remove the old keylogger.
  2. Click Abk/AbkPro from the installation package to place the cursor there. Press "Enter" to change the name to the one you like such as "Game".
  3. Hold "Control" key and click "Game" or Right click it, then select "Open" to install Aobo Keylogger.
  4. Follow the previous steps to bypass Norton Firewall.

In this way, only the name "Game"(the name you changed to) rather than Abk/AbkPro will appear in the list and the firewall will not block the keylogger from sending logs.

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