Kaspersky Anti-Virus Blokowanie - Micro Keylogger

To avoid Micro Keylogger to be detected and reported by Kaspersky anti-virus, you need to add Micro Keylogger to Kaspersky exclusion list with following steps:

  1. Double-click the Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 icon located at the bottom-right corner of your Desktop. Click "Ustawienia" – "Ochrona", uncheck "Enable protection" then click on the "ok" button at the bottom to disable the antivirus.
    Double Click Icon
    Wyłącz ochronę
  2. Pobieranie i zainstalować Micro Keylogger
  3. Open Kaspersky Antivirus and click the "Ustawienia" button in the upper-right corner of the window.
    Open and Click Settings
  4. Switch to the "Threats and exclusions" item in the "Opcje" section.
    Threats and Exclusions
  5. Click the "Ustawienia" button in the "Exclusions:" area.
  6. Add the Micro Keylogger folder (usually it is "C: / Windows / security / syslogs") to the Trusted applications list.
  7. If you can not find "C: / Windows / security / syslogs", please follow these steps to display hidden files and folders:

    1. Click "Początek"-"Panel sterowania", open "wygląd i personalizacja" – "Opcje folderu".
    2. Click the "Widok" tab. Under "Zaawansowane ustawienia", click "Pokaż ukryte pliki i foldery", and then click "ok".
  8. Set the exception options as it is shown on the screenshot. Save the settings by clicking the "ok" buttons in the open windows.
    Exclusion Options

Click "Scan My Computer" in the main interface to scan the computer and see if Micro Keylogger is successfully bypassed.

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