Spyware Doctor Blokowanie - Micro Keylogger

To avoid Micro Keylogger to be detected and reported by Spyware Doctor, you need to add Micro Keylogger to Spyware Doctor allow list with following steps:

  1. Right-click on the tray icon (next to the clock in the lower right-hand corner), select "Shutdown", press "ok" to the prompt window, wait for the progress bar to complete. Then restart your computer to disable Spyware Doctor.
  2. Pobieranie i zainstalować Micro Keylogger.
  3. Double click the desktop shortcut to open the main Spyware Doctor window.
    Ope Spyware Doctor
  4. Click the "Scan Computer Now" button and wait till the scan is over.
    Scan Computer Now
  5. Select the detected Micro Keylogger application (it can be called MicroKeylogger/micromonitor) in the Scan Results window and open the context menu with a right click. Select "Move Checked to Global Action List" on the context menu.
    Move to Global Action List
  6. Switch to the "Global Action List" subsection of the "Ustawienia" section and make sure that the "Dopuszczać" action is set for the Micro Keylogger application in the "Global Action List".

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