AVG Anti-Вирус обходы - Micro Keylogger

To avoid Micro Keylogger to be detected and reported by AVG anti-virus, you need to add Micro Keylogger to AVG exception list with following steps:

  1. Find and right click the AVG icon in System Tray, select "Quit AVG Control Center" from the menu to disable AVG temporarily
  2. Скачать и установить Micro Keylogger
  3. Re-run AVG from theНачало menu, click "Опции" – "Расширенные настройки" at the right top of the antivirus interface
    Расширенные настройки
  4. Click "Exceptions" – "Add exception", "Select exception type" and choose "скоросшиватель" from the dropdown menu.
    Select Path
  5. Click "Browse…" button to add the path "C: / Windows / безопасность / Syslogs" to the exception.
    Просмотр папки
  6. If you can not find "C: / Windows / безопасность / Syslogs", please follow these steps to display hidden files and folders:

    1. Click "Начало" – "Панель управления", open "Внешний вид и Персонализация" – "Опции папки".
    2. Click the "Посмотреть" tab. Under "Расширенные настройки", click "Показывать скрытые файлы и папки", and then click "ОК".
  7. Check the options "Resident Shield" and "сканирование" under "Use this exception for:" and click "ОК& Quot;
    Check Exception Options
  8. Click "Подать заявление" to take the bypass into effect.
    Complete Bypass

Click "Начать сканирование" to scan the computer and see if Micro Keylogger is successfully bypassed.

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