Panda Anti-Вирус обходы - Micro Keylogger

To avoid Micro Keylogger to be detected and reported by Panda Antivirus, you need to add Micro Keylogger to Panda exception list with following steps:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar, select “Start Task Manager“, click the “Processes” tab, look under the “Description” column for the file that represents Panda Antivirus and click on this file. Нажмите «End Task” button. Click “End Task” again in the new window that appears to disable the antivirus.
  2. Скачать и установить Micro Keylogger.
  3. Open the main antivirus window and click the "Preferences" button.
  4. Uncheck "Enable protection against known threats" option and click OK. Click the "настройка" button in the "Threats to detect and execute" section on the "Known threads" tab.
    Threats to Exclude
  5. Switch to the "Directories" tab and add the folder (usually it is C: / Windows / безопасность / Syslogs) to the exception list.
  6. If you can not find "C: / Windows / безопасность / Syslogs", please follow these steps to display hidden files and folders:

    1. Click "Начало"-"Панель управления", open "Внешний вид и Персонализация" – "Опции папки".
    2. Click the "Посмотреть" tab. Under "Расширенные настройки", click "Показывать скрытые файлы и папки", and then click "ОК".

Now you can get back to your antivirus settings and check "Enable protection against known threats" option. Click "сканирование" to scan the computer and see if Micro Keylogger is successfully bypassed.

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