Ad - Aware的免费反病毒旁路 - 微型键盘记录

为了避免微键盘记录程序进行检测,并通过广告感知免费杀毒报道,你需要微型键盘记录添加到具有以下步骤Ad - Aware的排除列表:

  1. Click on the bottom right of your screen to access the program taskbar. Click on the arrow symbol to access the programs currently running on your PC. Right-click on the "广告感知" icon, then select "退出广告感知" and click "" to completely shut down Ad-Aware.
  2. 下载 并安装微型键盘记录。
  3. Click the Start button, type "Ad - Aware的免费杀毒软件" in the Search box. Click Ad - Aware的免费杀毒 在结果列表中打开它。
  4. Go to to "扫描计算机" and click the blue "管理排除" option.
  5. Click "" to browse and select the path "C: WINDOWS 安全 SYSLOGS".
  6. If you can not find "C:/ Windows的/安全/系统日志", please follow these steps to display hidden files and folders:

    1. Click "开始"-"控制面板", open "外观和个性化" – "文件夹选项".
    2. Click the "视图" tab. Under "高级设置", click "显示隐藏的文件和文件夹", and then click "".
  7. 现在微型键盘记录程序文件夹添加到排除。

  8. Go to "扫描计算机" main interface and click "快速扫描" to scan the computer and see if Micro Keylogger is successfully bypassed.




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